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Book biz news

Getty Launches Virtual Library (Don’t get too excited, it’s just free pdfs.)

Self-Publisher WinePress Goes Out of Business

Amazon Publishing Launches Christian Imprint (See WinePress story above)

Literal: America’s Newest Bilingual and Spanish Book Publisher

Is teen romantic fiction bad for boys? (C’mon, do boys even read the Twilight novels?)

Teen fiction’s ordinary romantic heroes

Mick Jagger on his memoirs: ‘Look it up on Wikipedia’ (Conclusive proof that God really does love us. Full disclosure: I’m more of a Keith Richards fan, but I do love Mick. There’s a wonderful photo of him on this article. Mmmmmm. And then there’s “Performance” and “Memo from Turner.” Mmmm squared. And he is doing some interesting things in his geezerhood. Hm.)

Kindle Direct Publishing’s new tax interview – be prepared! (Non-U.S. authors take note.)

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