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Anne Brontë: the unsung sister, who turned the gaze on men

Farrar, Straus & Giroux Gets “Original”

Rep. Waxman on Tribune Meeting: ‘My Concern About the Fate of the Los Angeles Times Was Not Alleviated’

California Bookstore Day Plans Moving Forward

The Arthur C Clarke awards put women first

5 Things We Learned at Digital Book World 2014

Teens Don’t Read For Fun Anymore, New Data Says A) I’d like more information on where and how Nielsen Book got and analyzed this data, B) if this is true, it will have more than a negative effect on the publishing industry, and C) also if this is true, welcome to the post-literacy era and the rise of the picture book representing great literature. If I’m lucky, I’ll be dead by then.

The bad side of Goodreads’ Reading Challenge

Simon & Schuster Expands Library E-Book Program

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