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November 28, 2012 book news

Wapshott Press is seeking a book publicity intern or two to blog about books and book industry, like this, for us. Please drop me a line at editor AT wapshottpress DOT com if you would be interested. Thanks.

As You Like It: “the happiest of Shakespeare’s comedies.”

Where Is YA Going? Scholastic’s Experts Advise

Simon & Schuster Creates Self-Publishing Unit, Archway Publishing “Devu Gandhi of S&S Digital is managing the Archway-ASI relationship for S&S. Fees to participate in Archway vary according to different packages, but in general have the following ranges: Fiction: $1,999 – $14,999; Nonfiction: $1,999 – $14,999; Business: $2,199 – $24,999; and Children’s: $1,599 – $8,499.” That’s not self-publishing, that’s vanity press w/S&S taking half the royalties (if there are any). Shame on you S&S, shame shame shame.

Simon & Schuster Opens Self-Publishing Service (GalleyCat)

Hamlet rewritten as choose-your-own-adventure game book

Software and Editorial Board Ready, PeerJ Announces Call for Papers

A Hipster’s Guide (to fiction or something)

HarperCollins Launches New Imprint for the YA Market

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